Hypnosis for Fears and Apprehensions

Fear = False Evidence Appearing Real

“My fear of the darkness came on quite suddenly last fall. I could not rationalize any reason for my total panic as nightfall descended. I would draw all my drapes, pull all my blinds shut, and put on every outside light. Mike worked with me, and in just one session, I was able to clearly identify my anxiety and release it. The very next evening, I noticed I had not even given the approaching darkness another thought and I still do not and now it is six months later. I am very appreciative of Mike’s professionalism and expertise. He confidently approached my fears and he was able to access where they began and helped me move forward. I will always be appreciative.”  

– Pat

Are you afraid of the dark? Perhaps you have a fear of public speaking. Are you afraid of getting on an airplane? Maybe you have a fear of spiders, dogs, cats or snakes. Do you feel uncomfortable getting on an elevator? 

Fear is a basic human emotion. It is wired into our systems for a beneficial purpose – to signal us in times of danger to prepare us physically so that we can do what is necessary for survival. It is there to protect us. 

A fear is an example of the talent that human mind possesses. In a particular moment, the mind learns something so quickly and so strongly that you never forget to feel that unwanted feeling every time you encounter it or think about it. Whether we know the origin of the fear or not does not matter because it only took a moment to learn to feel that way. If you can learn to feel that way so quickly, strongly and powerfully then you can learn to feel something new, beneficial, and more productive just as quickly. Instead of that uncomfortable feeling how would you rather feel in that moment? 

With hypnosis, we simply upgrade that part of your mind that has been working hard to protect you with better information so that you can free yourself from that old, uncomfortable fear. 


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