“Mike was helpful in helping me look at diet and exercise in a more constructive way and less stressful way. The added bonus was that he taught me some simple techniques to help me deal with stress.” 

– Dan

Your Journey to Losing Weight

There is a story about a young child who came into the house from playing outside wanting a handful of cookies. The mother looked at the clock and noted that dinnertime was approaching so she told the child that they could have one cookie. At first, that child was very disappointed. However, the child sat at the table and picked up that one cookie. The child looked at the top and bottom of the cookie. The child turned the cookie around and looked at all sides of the cookie. The child then took a very tiny bite of the cookie. In fact, it took the child about five minutes to eat that whole cookie.

The child then picked up a couple of crumbs that fell to the table and popped them into their mouth. The child then let out a beautiful sound of satisfaction. It was evident that the child got more enjoyment from that one cookie than they could have from a dozen cookies. 

The only question that comes to mind is if a young child has enough intellect to eat less and enjoy it more then surely us as adults can do the same. Would you like to eat less and enjoy food more? Would you like to learn to eat slowly enough to truly listen to your body and enjoy a completely new style of satisfaction?  

People often set out to reduce their weight with the best intentions in mind. They come up with a healthy eating plan, they make a vow to be more active and maybe they even go as far as joining a gym or employing the services of a personal trainer. While those are all tremendous action steps, quite often the missing piece in this lifestyle change is the mental aspect. If we are going to embark on setting a goal and seeing it through, without the proper mindset, our efforts are bound to come up short. 

At Mid-Hudson Valley Hypnosis, our weight loss programs are successful because they are customized to the client’s specific issue. Overall, you can expect a series of three to five hypnosis sessions that focus on installing behaviors that are conducive to a healthier lifestyle. In our first meeting, we will talk and discuss your goals and past challenges with this issue. You will then experience a wonderful hypnosis session where we focus on those things that you want and the benefits that will come your way when you reach your goal. Every session is different. 

Hypnosis is a natural state of mind that everyone has the ability to achieve. If you have the capacity to hold a conversation with someone and if you’re motivated to reduce your weight then there’s no reason that you can’t be hypnotized.  All that you will be required to do is follow a series of simple instructions and you’ll go into hypnosis in a matter of minutes.  You will hear and remember everything, and you will be in complete control during the entire process.



“I just want to thank you. As of now, I’m down 16 pounds. I have so much more energy!”  – Laura

“I am eating less and enjoying it more!!! Many thanks! Huge shifts are happening. Your assistance has been most rewarding.”  –  Brenda

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