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Results may vary from person to person. At Mid-Hudson Valley Hypnosis we guarantee the very best service using current information and appropriate hypnotic techniques for your situation.

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“This note to thank you has been on my mind since I came home from the hospital. The work that we did gave me the tools to go into and through this difficult operation with a clear and focused mind and with a positive relaxed outlook on the future.  I am so happy to let you know everything went better than ever expected.  I was scheduled to be in the hospital for at least a week, but I was physically ready to go home after just five days.  I kept your audio on my phone and used it to relax me every day before and after surgery.  I was so comforted and clear in my heart and mind with your coaching.  It truly amazed me how everything I experienced was so positive throughout the whole journey to where I now am. I can't express enough how glad I am that I went into this with the positive focus you helped me achieve.  I highly recommend your hypnosis session as a must for anyone facing any medical challenge especially surgery.  I truly felt a relaxed mind was the driving force behind such positive healing.” – Ann-Marie

“Mike was very helpful in helping me look at diet and exercise in a more constructive, less stressful way. The added bonus was that he taught me some very simple techniques to help me deal with stress.” – Dan

“Michael is awesome! He clearly explained what to expect about the hypnosis process. He takes a genuine interest in his clients and builds his sessions to their specific situation. I have been smoke-free since immediately after our first session!” – Laura 

“My fear of darkness came on quite suddenly last fall. I couldn’t rationalize any reason for my total panic as nightfall descended. I would draw all my drapes, pull all my blinds shut, and put on every outside light. Mike worked with me and In just one session, I was able to clearly identify my anxiety and release it within my subconscious. The very next evening, I noticed I hadn’t even given the approaching darkness another thought and still don’t and it’s six months later. I’m very appreciative of Mike’s professionalism and expertise. He confidently approached my FEARS and was able to access where they began and helped me move forward. I will always be appreciative.” ​– Pat

“Every day I feel stronger in my life as a non-smoker. It sometimes feels as if I never was a smoker. Either way, I feel great and I am so happy that I did hypnosis with you. Thank you for changing my life and for guiding me through that experience. I am eternally grateful. You have changed my life!” – Robyn

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“I had never experienced hypnosis before and it was an exciting and rewarding experience. With Michael’s help, I believe I am able to control my anxiety and improve my daily energy and positive approach to everything I do.” – Kathryn

“I had a three hypnosis sessions with Mr. Salerno.  I wasn't sure what to expect, but I was open to the experience.  Mr. Salerno made me feel comfortable and relaxed, which helped in the sessions. I was surprised at how much better I felt after each session. The sessions help me to forgive myself and others, and created a better sense of self.”  – Joan

“I was very comfortable and I got hypnotized and I haven’t smoked since December 29, 2017. I have no cravings and I’m not stressing over it. I just don’t smoke. Thank you Michael.”  – Kim

“Me and my husband haven’t smoked since seeing you : ))). Thank you so much!“ – Kara

“Michael has helped me do what I could not do alone. I quit October 19, 2017. With his help I feel so much better and I sleep through the night. He has a nice relaxed voice, easy to listen to, and his voice is very clear. Thanks Michael!” – L.B.

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“I just want to thank you. As of now I’m down 16 pounds. I have so much more energy!” – Laura 

“Hi Mike! Thank you for helping me become ‘smoke free’. I am a non-smoker and I’m going to be a non-smoker for the rest of my life!” – Mary 

Michael was a pleasure to work with. I tried to quit smoking several times in the past but I only had short term results. It’s now almost a year and I still haven’t smoked and I have no desire to. Thank you!” – Marjorie 

“I’ve worked with several hypnotists before and Mr. Salerno is a true and caring professional. I am feeling sharper and more focused and confident with every breath I take. Massive changes every day. Piece of cake! Results have been phenomenal.” – Graham 

“Thanks to our session I am now a non-smoker and I’m going to be a non-smoker for the rest of my life!” – Lynda 

“I can’t thank you enough. I still haven’t smoked since our session. Just want to thank you so much for helping me.” – Bill 

“I’m eating less and enjoying it more!!! Many thanks! Huge shifts are happening. Your assistance has been most rewarding.” – Brenda

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“I am absolutely fascinated by the positive effects of our sessions. Overall I simply feel better and have been sleeping better too. I’m feeling less anxious and happier. Please know how much I appreciate your help. I have sung your praises everywhere! You really did transform my day-to-day existence.”  –  Judy

“Thank you so much for doing a fine job in providing us with some very effective tools for self-improvement. Your self-hypnosis class was lots of fun and the fact you brought a group of strangers together; searching for something very helpful and new was outstanding. Thanks again for sharing so freely your expertise.” – Carol

“I want to thank you for your excellent self-hypnosis course and guidance these last four weeks. All I can tell you is that I’m noticing some extraordinary shift and I have to attribute it to what I got out of those four classes because it’s the only new thing I did recently. With sincere appreciation and best wishes to you.” – Donna Z.

“A quick note to tell you how much I enjoyed your four-week self-hypnosis course. Thank you for your time and energy in teaching us that one can control stress through self-hypnosis. Thank you for helping many make life’s path a bit easier to walk.” – Donna D.